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Nasreldin Alhaseen

With more than 1,400 employees that operates in the field of gold and base metals mining. We invested in modern equipment and technology to improve the efficiency and safety of our mining operations.

Each time, we revitalize our company’s footprint in the world of minerals exploration and exploitation, we affirm our commitment towards responsible mining, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and sustainability of the development of the communities among which we operate.

We recall that, when it has been early in the days of establishing Ariab Mining Company, the goal was clear enough for us to bind our people together striving to achieve the vision of increasing the footprint of mining industry in the global economy and to ensure the development of local communities.

In this part of the world where the most under-explored resources of critical minerals are resting in the boundaries of the Arabian Nubian Shield, we have to continue a never-ending journey to bridge the words of human prosperity and standing to the challenges of decarbonization with the realities of our time. The massive and enduring challenges of ESG require more efforts to open up our resources for collaboration with other mining organizations to accelerate the exploitation and production of critical minerals that necessary to strike the balance between developing our localities and contributing to the world most agreeable target of environmental protection agenda.

Ariab mining company, nevertheless, is well suited with its location in the heart of Nubian part of the shield to deploying its exploration and development assets in over forty thousand square kilometers in one of the most interesting global geological formations. The overall goals of developing our districts and concessions implies that we gather all efforts to embed the seventeen goals of sustainable development as part of our way of operation. The prosperous local communities in the proximity of mining operations can only be developed if we are committed to delivering consistently on ESG objectives.

Our message today is for all our stakeholders, prospectors and potential investors to rationally think of collaboration and working together to responsibly develop and benefit from the marvelous natural resources we are inheriting in our mining concessions for the success of our organizations, development of the local people, enhancing the national economy, widening the industry best practices and contributing the human welfare all around the world.



In the heart of Arabian Nubian Shield, our main two concessions cover more than 43,000 square kilometers rich of known Critical Minerals from BASE METALS to PRECIOUS MINERALS and RARE EARTH ELEMENTS. We conduct our exploration, research and development utilizing advanced Geophysics techniques Core drilling and state of the art geochemistry.

Taking care of mining


With a relationship with most reliable explosive's producers, AMC has adopted the latest safe mining blasting operations and developed its own best practices. In Drilling, Excavation and earth movement, stands as one of the operators that conducting the operations with lowest stripping ratio & efficient ore transport in region delivering more value and reduce environment carbonization to minimum.

after potential deposits


Employing latest in its class Carbon-In-Leach plant with Tri-Tank technology and detoxification unit to ensure maximum recovery and least effects on the environment. It’s attached Aqua Regia minin refinery. The dores of gold produced are over 95% purity and Silver is already extracted and sold separately.

After extraction


AMC is aware of how to manage all processing related wastes employing the latest initiatives in Six Sigma, Kaizen and Statistical Processing Control techniques to ensure the compliance and efficiency of all operations from blasting to shipping dores supported with modern equipment and software.



It worth mentioning the stringent commitment to our HSE policies, standards and procedures by all AMC community members from Board of Directors to the least exposed employees. This has no place for compromise. Our Health records and mines decommissioning audit are records that we are proud of.


The Great Experience of Gold Mining

Concession area exceeds 45,000 square kilometers that offers investors and strategic partners a portfolio of long-life, high-quality assets, and rich deposits of precious metals, base metals, critical minerals and industrial minerals.

2.8 +

Million Troy Ounces of Gold

45 +

Thousands Square Kilometers

our priority

Sustainable Development

AMC values the trust and support of the communities in the areas in which we operate. The sustainability of the development of local communities features at the top of our priorities. We are fully committed to an actively, engaging in meaningful CRS programs with the sole intention of sustainability of benefits to local communities.

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The sustainability of the development of local communities features at the top of our priorities. We are fully committed to an actively, engaging in meaningful. CRS programs with the sole intention of sustainability of benefits to local communities.

We believe in creaing sustinable value together and we are committed to creaing long-term value for our shareholders

Our working forces are among the proven explorers and producers coming from various backgrounds and countries, committed to vastly developing our assets to create long-term value. 

Since it’s establishment, AMC deployed the latest in its class m mineral exploration, mining and processing m technologies and know-how 


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