Ariab Mining Company

The leading multi-mineral mining company in Sudan and East Africa

During the difficult time of war in Sudan, AMC stood as the only mining operation that has not Brent disturbed, thanks to its comprehensive BCP designed and regularly rehearsed. Not just the operations but also all community services continue with minimal disturbance. The highly trained AMC staff succeeded to implement the BCP and engage the local communities that enabled smooth transition into alternative supply sourcing and logistics to avoid hot zones.


Since 1991

Incorporated as a multinational private mining company in Sudan to explore and produce Gold.

Turning Point

In 2014

La Mancha shares were acquired by a large industrial Sudanese group.

Improving Production

Since 1992

AMC produced more than 87 tons of fine Gold (2.8 million Ounces).

War Challanges

In 2023

Successful Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and implementation


The Great Experience of Gold Mining

Concession area exceeds 45,000 square kilometers that offers investors and strategic partners a portfolio of long-life, high-quality assets, and rich deposits of precious metals, base metals, critical minerals and industrial minerals.

3 +

Million Troy Ounces of Gold

45 +

Thousands Square Kilometers

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