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AMC Block 11

- located across a number of major geological features, prolific for Gold and Base Metals exploration.
- cross-cut by the Nakasib suture zone, that separate two main Terranes, and underlain the Ariab belt, the Oko Shear zone in Shulai area, and a probable high strain zone oriented NS, with remnants of Mafic-Ultramafic bodies.
- The recent artisanal activities as well as geochemistry of stream sediment, tends to demonstrate that the whole Bloc 11 is prospective, and that some of the large places have been down looked by AMC.
Part of Arabian Nubian Shield (ANS)

Resources Our Concessions

AMC Block B18

- Natural extension to the operational block 11.
- Several drillings were conducted. Au & Ag measured at 400 million US dollars in 2 location.
Iron, Manganese, Tungsten and industrial minerals. Cement plant FS is ready
Purely green field under progressive exploration

following resources identified so far: